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Commissioned by The New Century Chamber Orchestra | c. 12 mins


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program notes:
Dreamscapes is a musical depiction of what happens during a dream from the moment one falls asleep, until fully awake. Its form is loosely based upon my research on the subject of rapid eye movement (REM) and lucid dreaming. Both give the piece a sectional but solid structure, divided by phases and segments. The piece follows a storyline created from notes I took of my own dreams. The solo violin represents self-awareness, while the orchestra represents the unconscious mind, providing the scenario changes throughout the piece. Dreamscapes begins with a series of colorful effects that symbolize the moments prior to falling asleep, when the dreamer is still conscious enough to have power over their own thoughts - then, a slow theme is introduced, symbolizing the dream which the self wishes to have. The theme gradually disperses as the dreamer goes deeper into sleep, losing consciousness and control, sometimes leading to moments of feverish passion interspersed with nightmarish episodes.
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press quotes:

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DREAMSCAPES has been recorded by Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, and the New Century Chamber Orchestra, released on Salerno-Sonnenberg's label NSS Music.