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Hear Clarice Assad & Gabriele Mirabassi together for the first time

When I was 20 years old, my dad got to record an album with Gabriele Mirabassi. It’s amazing that one of the pieces on there is called “Flutuante” which means ‘flowing’. My first professional recording! And it came from writing this really simple melody just for fun at home all alone while walking the sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro, my birth city.

Fast Forward >>>

Twenty-four years later, I will meet Gabriele for the FIRST TIME, and we will get on stage to perform a program filled with thrilling music that speaks to both of us. I cannot describe the bliss I feel, nor is it possible to explain the joy of this encounter with Gabriele, someone I deeply respect and, in a way, feel as if I have known for decades, thanks to the unifying power of music.

I’m thrilled to be sharing the stage with him. Check out our concert date in this calendar, it will countdown until we go on! You can also enjoy one of my old songs if you want -I wrote for myself back when he wasn’t quite that famous yet 🙂

– Clarice


Hear Clarice Assad & Gabriele Mirabassi together for the first time

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