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For Music Lovers With Open Ears

The VOXPLORATION Podcast offers a fascinating series of interviews with innovative artists, singers, and scholars from all over the globe. These artists share their musical expertise, insights, and unique styles, offering listeners a rich and varied experience. From South Carnatic singing to narration in symphonic music and everything in between, the podcast offers a wide range of musical genres and styles. 


In addition to being entertaining and peppered with musical examples throughout, the podcast is also educational, providing listeners with insights into politics, math in music, learning how to learn, and how music can bring people together. Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or just looking to expand your horizons, the VOXPLORATION Podcast is sure to have something for you.


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Season One Highlights

Voxploration Podcast

Varijashree Venugopal:
Scat Singing on Stereoids

Be amazed by this incredible Indian born singer, flautist and composer Varijashree Venugopal.  Talent and mastery do not begin to describe the superpowers this young woman possesses. I guarantee you have never heard anything quite like it.  Get ready to be blown away !

Reem Kelani:
Political Humanism

 Reem Kelani is a singer and activist from Palestine.  For her, music and politics go hand in hand.  It is where she thrives as an artist,  but at great cost.  Find out how Reem has coped with the ups and downs of her career and the music industry for speaking up her truth. 


Meet Maria Joao, Portugal's most sought after vocalist

Known as the female Bobby McFerrin, Maria João’s career longevity speaks for itself.  An incredible vocalist and performer, you will be certainly taken by her sweet and witty personality.  What a treasure to speak with her ! 

Get ready to dive straight in to the world of Konnakol and Mathematics, featuring the one and only B.C. manjunath, who wrote an incredibly complex  rhythmic composition which made the NPR headline with his video on the Fibonacci series.  Finally, what does Avant Garde Music has to do with Country Music Dame Dolly Parton?  A lot, as it turns out! Check out the episode with up-and-coming award winner composer Annika Socolofsky as we nerd out and dissect her doctoral music dissertation…

Music & Math: A Match Made in Heaven

Avant Garde Music and Dolly Parton?

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