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What am I up to NOW?

Thanks for stopping by !If you are new here, here is a bit about myself:

Originally from Brazil, I'm a composer, arranger, producer, singer, and instrumentalist living in the US since 1997. Hailing from a family of professional musicians, I never worked a job outside the music industry in my life. Right now I live in Chicago with my fantastic spouse and our adorable toddler. My interests are broad and my hobby is learning. I'm passionate music as a tool for connection, empowerment, social change, and communication. Hoping you'll find some inspiration around here.

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I’m multi-tasking with multiple musical projects on the go! From operas to piano pieces, there’s a lot of music in store.  Currently also finishing a work for a wonderful new music organization called Present Music, and about to premiere my piece “AMAZONIA SEM LEI” commissioned by MIT –  Super exciting ! 

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Last Updated: February 2022 

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