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The Mosaic

The Mosaic:

A Unique Collection of Collaborative Music

The Mosaic Project is a unique collaborative music experience that brings together people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures to create music.

Hello, Ladies !

Today I invite female-identifying composers of all ages and musical backgrounds to embark on a fun and exciting project: A collage of melodic fragments woven into a composition, each containing fresh musical ideas from the minds of fellow composers from around the world.


This work will be arranged / composed for piano quintet by Clarice Assad and scheduled to be premiered at the Mainly Mozart festival in 2023 by Anne Marie-McDermott and other phenomenal female instrumentalists. It will be recorded, live-streamed, and documented as part of the Mosaic Project.  The title of the composition is TAPESTRY.

We are collecting musical fragments: Motifs, melodies, harmonic progressions, grooves, rhythmic cells, and anything else you want to create. The shorter, the better. I hope I can count on your extraordinary minds to craft this super fun project. Also, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Thanks for reading, and let’s start weaving! 

Here is a list of composers and songwriters who have contributed to this wonderful project so far: Alexandra Gardner,  Aglaê Frigeri, Aline Falcão, Ania Vu, Anna Clyne, Anna Paes, Camila Costa, Caroline Rodrigues da Silva, Deborah Levy, Denise Fontoura, Elena Ruehr, Elodie Bouny, Heloisa tenor de Vasconcelos, Iara Gomes, Inga Wygant, Lara Bello, Luciana Souza, Mikeila McQueston, Nicoletta Todesco, Paloma Pitaya, Pamela Marafron, Patrice Michaels, Paula Cardoso, Sofia Cecato, Sophie Diner, Stephanie Brogan, Tami Belfer, Tarita de Souza, Thais Nascimento and more to come ! 

How To Apply?

It is straightforward to apply! And you can find some guidelines below to get you inspired. The deadline for submission is August 10th, 2023. The piece will premiere in Nov. 2023 and will be recorded and live-streamed.   Check out the guidelines below and stay in touch!


Female identifying

of all ages and musical backgrounds.  are welcome to apply

Any Musical Idea

A motif, melody, harmonic progression, counterpoint, and rhythmic patterns. 

Short Excerpts

The shorter the ideas or excerpt, the better and easier it will be for the composition to work


All genres and musical styles are welcome.

Clarice Assad Brazilian Composer

A few Words About

Gender Inequality in Music

I have faced many career challenges as a woman composer living in a male-dominated world. Only now, in my mid-40s, I am beginning to get some recognition and more opportunities to work at a respectable level. I started in music when I was six years old. Do the math. It is time to make a change end for this to happen; we must come together to make a statement. One of the things we can do is to celebrate that we are here now, alive and creating. And by joining forces, we can amplify each other’s voices.  

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Genesis of the Mosaic Project

One of the main reasons I am attracted to music is that it makes me feel connected to everything and everyone at once. In addition, composing with young musicians made all the difference in how they perceived the creation process. As a result, it catapulted our engagement to stratospheric levels. Seeing students tap into their creativity was magical. 


Mosaics are the ultimate example of diversity in art. The pieces that make up this work vary greatly, with colors and shapes coming together to create something beautiful despite their differences. I love this concept and dove into a quest to replicate it in music. 



Join the Global Community of Women Composers!

"The best ideas often come from collaboration. When multiple people come together to brainstorm, they can build on each other's creativity and come up with more innovative solutions than anyone else could have done alone."

Clarice Assad

Composer & Performer

Our Latest MOSAIC
Do What's in Your Heart

The first installation was in Austin, Texas. I collaborated with Austin Classical Guitar (Check out the video) on a new work for a guitar orchestra entitled “MOSAIC VARIATIONS,” where 50 young guitar students participated as co-composers. It was a magical experience for all.


Do What’s In Your Heart shares the story behind the musical work Ms. Assad co-created with 50 students from around the city. The 32-minute film includes a performance of that work by a student orchestra, as well as a reimagined version by guitarist Jorge Caballero and the Miro String Quartet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since there will be too many authors, Patchwork Quilt will not be published for financial gain. 

The piece is scheduled to be premiered on February 2023 at the Mainly Mozart Festival by Anne-Marie McDermott and Inna flick

At this point it is difficult to predict how much material will be used. But rest assured, your submission will be used one way or another.

The score will be available free of charge on

The participants will only be notified when the composition is complete.

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