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World Premiere: The Evolution of AI – Clarice Assad & The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

January 13 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


“The Evolution of AI” is a contemporary musical composition that delves into the intricate interplay between human artistry and artificial intelligence. The piece invites the listener on a journey that explores and questions the boundaries of creativity and the profound implications of human and Artificial intelligence collaboration. The work is for a chamber orchestra, electronics, and a human performer acting as a hybrid human AI machine inside a musical experiment. It is not the machine’s first time around, though. The first movement, titled Reboot, hints at the idea that this hybrid being has existed before. The Evolution of AI is in four movements, without interruption.

The Journey: 

i. Reboot: The journey begins with the machine’s awakening, a process of rebooting its electronic consciousness. This movement serves as the inception of our narrative, embodying the raw energy and unpredictability of a technological rebirth. The second part of the piece is called Data Collection:  As the machine-human hybrid comes to life, it engages in a unique and dynamic dialogue with the chamber orchestra. Gestures and interactions between the performer and the orchestra capture the initial data assimilation, reflecting the intriguing moment when technology and human expression merge. The next phase is called Machine Learning, which marks assimilating vast musical knowledge from Western Music. The machine-human hybrid absorbs, interprets, and adapts traditional and contemporary compositions, all while integrating its newfound wisdom into an evolving musical landscape. The final movement, “Creation,” sets the stage for an intriguing finale. As the AI hybrid machine extends its astonishing ability to compose in real-time, it ventures into uncharted territory, producing music with unprecedented speed. Yet, an unexpected twist looms on the horizon. The machine’s energy depletes with every note played, and its survival hangs in the balance. Whether the machine’s creative brilliance will culminate in triumphant innovation or a bittersweet enigma awaits the uncertainty of the machine’s ultimate fate. As the music crescendos and the machine’s energy dwindles, the final moments remain a compelling enigma, echoing the unstable and evolving relationship between humanity and artificial intelligence.






January 13
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm