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Opera by Clarice Assad with a libretto by Marcia Zanelatto. Co-production with Aventura Teatros and Leme Produções Artísticas.

The myth of Tristan and Isolde has been told and retold since its emergence in the 11th century. It became a relevant and definitive work of art after the German composer Richard Wagner took it as inspiration in the 19th century to write the libretto for his unforgettable opera: Tristan und Isolde. 


In this new version, the myth of the medieval Celtic setting will be shifted to modern times, in a border region where we follow the drama of a group of refugees living in a critical situation: they are not allowed to cross the border and be received in a new country, and they also cannot return to their country of origin. They are in a sort of non-place, where time seems not to pass, waiting for a solution. In this context, the character Isolde takes on the lead role. She arrives at this refugee camp with the goal of rescuing her mother. 


But everything changes when Isolde witnesses her mother’s death during the authorities’ reaction to a resistance action by the refugees. In her final moments, the mother gives Isolde the mission to relocate this group of refugees to a safe location, which Isolde will define as the colony where her husband, Marcos, is the leader. Marcos and his nephew Tristão have devised an escape strategy for Isolde. This rescue will face many challenges. 


The opera Isolda/Tristão is presented by Volkswagen Financial Services.


Roberto Minczuk, musical direction Guilherme Leme Garcia, stage direction Maíra Ferreira, conductor of Paulistano Choir Mira Andrade, set design Aline Santini, lighting design Rogerio Velloso, art director and video designer João Pimenta, costume design Renata Melo, movement direction Aelson Lima, assistant director. 



Melina Peixoto, Isolda 

Daniel Umbelino, Tristão 

Savio Sperandio, Marcos 

Luciana Bueno, Mother 

Dancers, to be defined

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