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The first recorded musical collaboration between Sergio and Clarice Assad. Clarice & Sergio Assad’s first album together features new songs by Sergio Assad, with renowned Brazilian lyricists such as Chico Cesar, Thiago Amud, Vinicius Castro & Daniel Basilio. Special guests include clarinetist Derek Bermel, mandolinist Mike Marshall, Keita Ogawa on percussion and Yasushi Nakamura, bass. 


CLARICE & SERGIO ASSAD/Reliquia:  So who said the Adolfo’s could have all the fun in father/daughter Brazilian jazz?  Here we find one of the most important classical guitarists of the age giving his daughter the chance to show the musical DNA he passed on to her which she has been making the most of as a vocalist.  Guitar and voice with a little, sparsely used coloration here and there—and if you think that isn’t the recipe for a powerful release, go scarf down a mouthful of guardinera to remind you of what hot means.  A dazzling, stunning set tailor made for those who still remember what real music all about, you’ll understand this set completely even if you don’t speak a word of Portuguese.  Killer stuff throughout that shows just how complex simplicity can be.

Really lovely sounds from the father/daughter team of Clarice and Sergio Assad – a pair who would already be great as a musical duo, even without a family connection! Sergio plays acoustic guitar throughout – with a fullness of sound, but also the lighter, lyrical sensibility that makes him a perfect match for Clarice’s vocals – which have that mix of jazz and more personal expression we love in our favorite Brazilian singers from the 70s – like Tania Maria or Joyce. The songs are simple, and often poetic – but never in a soppy way – more like they’re being written in air by guitar and voice, creating a marvelous portrait in sound. Titles include “Capoeira”, “Cidade”, “Sol De Clave”, “Ventos”, “The Last Song”, “Angela”, and “Song For My Father”.  © 1996-2016, Dusty Groove, Inc.



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