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Award-winning composer, pianist, and vocalist Clarice Assad takes her workshop Voxploration  online for the first time, in a series of video lessons exploring the human voice as an instrument capable of reproducing a multitude of complex sounds, colors, rhythms, and moods.

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Are you curious about your voice and what it can do? Are you looking for ways to improve your vocal skills? If so, Voxploration is the class for you! In this creative vocal workshop, you’ll explore the many facets of your voice through a variety of exercises and activities. You’ll learn about extended vocal techniques, breath control, and how to use your voice in unique ways. You’ll also have the opportunity to try out different styles of singing and find the one that best suits your voice. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned singer, Voxploration is sure to give you a fresh perspective on what the human voice is capable of.


Experiment with new sounds today, Enhance your creativity and add a new dimension to your singing. 

Each Voice is Unique

The voice is an incredible instrument and it is unique to each person. The more awareness, the better we can use it in creative ways. it can be liberating to use the power of your voice. These exercises will show you how to think about your voice as a real instrument.


The workshop is for those interested in music in creative ways. Composers, songwriters, improvisers, arrangers, music lovers, and singers may benefit from the class’s concepts. It is also useful to vocalists interested in improvisation, or for those who are open to exploring their voices’ full potential by going beyond singing lyrics in a particular musical genre. The class features several examples of how the techniques and tools explored can be useful in real-life performance and recording situations. These tools can be integrated right away into any musical productions, no matter what they may be.


After a few videos exploring various techniques, there will be an option for the creation of projects. The projects involve producing an existing song or an original composition, using at least three of the vocal techniques taught in the previous videos. It can be as simple as an a capella song or as epic as an arrangement for multiple voices. Every project features a real-time video example where participants watch the creation of a short arrangement of a well-known tune in a multitrack recording setting from beginning to end.


Participants use the voice and the body as an instrument in an interactive, powerful, and intuitive way covering vocal techniques such as beatbox, mouth percussion, scat singing, and many other concepts, including effect-based sounds. No music theory or notation knowledge is required, as everyone relies entirely on their ears to incorporate the ideas into their musical vocabulary.

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Experiment with new sounds today, Enhance your creativity and add a new dimension to your singing. SING OUTSIDE THE BOX!

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