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Weidner Symphony: É Gol Review

I can’t explain how exciting and it is to perform É Gol, for orchestra, myself and audience members.  This past weekend with the Weidner Symphony I had the pleasure of doing it again, with fantastic musicians and a very open, lively crowd.  Fun all around ! 

“Through looks and gestures, she clued in Michael Alexander as he conducted the orchestra through a bright kind of music Clarice Assad composed. By voice, eye expression and hand/body language, Clarice Assad clued the audience in to joining in with sounds or actions. That pile included whoosh sounds, whispered nonsense words, finger snaps and hand claps to create raindrops and varied volumes to vocal responses. For a tease, Clarice Assad asked the audience to follow along in speedy, veering, rising/diving voice sounds she let fly to mimic the zip of samba. Thus, came joy.” – Warren Gerds for (WFRV)

Weidner Symphony: É Gol Review

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