Clarice Assad


Window To The World

A reimagining of Milton Nascimento’s timeless songs

1. Medley
2, Canção do Sal
3. Clube da Esquina No1
4. Janela Pro Mundo
5. Milagre dos Peixes
6. Saudade dos Aviões da Panair / Conversando no Bar
7. Nada Será Como Antes
8. Clube da Esquina No 2
9. Morro Velho
Window To The World

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With most of the album recorded on a single afternoon in a Copenhagen studio, it’s a stripped-back collection of piano- and vocal-led arrangements that showcase the group’s spontaneity, playfulness, and joy at celebrating Brazil’s icon. 

Meet The Artists

Johan Dynnesen


Jesper Bodilsen


Francesco Calì


Janela Pro Mundo

Window To The World:
A Tribute to Milton Nascimento

Milton is a cultural icon. His songs have become part of the collective consciousness in Brazil, Latin America, and the world.  Currently on his last tour, Milton turns 80 years old this year.   The tickets to his concerts sold out in matter of minutes by the thousands.   


To celebrate this incredible artists we are releasing Window to The World: A reflection of the diversity and richness of Brazilian musical expression while simultaneously creating an intimate bridge between people from different backgrounds who want to share his legacy.


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Janela Pro Mundo


Keita Ogawa – percussion (Tracks 1 & 4)

Rodrigo Assad – Voice (Tracks 3 & 8)

Muato – Voice (Tracks 1 & 7) 


Produced by Clarice Assad & Johan Dynnesen

Executive Producers: Richard Burton & Clarice Assad


Recorded by  Boe Larsen at The Mill Factory Studios. Copenhagen, Denmark

João Ferraz at Lontra Music.  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mixed and Mastered by Paul Wickliffe at Skyline Productions, Inc.

Graphic Design: 

Cover Art: Al Moretti 

Photographs: Søren Hald

Window To The World

Track List & Songwriters

  1. Medley *
  2. Canção do Sal – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
  3. Clube da Esquina nº 1 – Milton Nascimento/ Lô Borges / Marcio Borges
  4. Janela para o Mundo – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
  5. Milagre dos Peixes – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
  6. Saudades dos Aviões da Panair (Conversando No Bar) – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant
  7. Nada Será Como Antes – Milton Nascimento & Ronaldo Bastos
  8. Clube Da Esquina nº 2 – Milton Nascimento/ Lô Borges / Marcio Borges
  9. Morro Velho – Milton Nascimento & Fernando Brant

*Medley: Caxangá  (Milton Nascimento / /Fernando Brant) 

Fé Cega, Faca Amolada  (Milton Nascimento / Ronaldo Bastos) 

Paula e Bebeto  (Milton Nascimento / Caetano Veloso)

Bref, un album agréable auquel on devient vite « addict » !
À LA UNE, Chronique des Disques



There is no shortage of adjectives to paint a shining picture of Milton Nascimento’s singular contribution to the landscape of Brazilian music. For decades, his work inspired generations of artists across musical genres and the entire planet. We are some of them. 


I was born into the music of this iconic singer-songwriter, absorbing it before I could barely speak. Years later, in the ’90s, I began attentively listening to Milton’s music as an adolescent. In my twenties, his music followed me to the United States and into the twenty-first century. I started the lengthy process of studying his music in reverse, dating back to his first musical project, and concluded: His music feels timeless. Even the earliest arrangements of the late ’60s and ’70s seem to belong in the present: the songs and the stories in these verses are very much alive today. I incorporated his music into my repertoire little by little, and some of them landed on this album. 


During a Denmark tour in 2018, my good friend Johan suggested we recorded it. He rented a space, called some friends in common, and in one swift afternoon, we registered most of the songs included here. Such a joy to spend an intense few hours with incredibly talented musicians.  


I invited my brother Rodrigo Assad and singer Muato to add beautiful vocals into the mix. I asked my old-time friend and collaborator, percussionist Keita Ogawa, for a much needed special guest participation: We spent almost a decade performing Milton’s music around the world as a duo. Together, we are happy to be a part of the perpetuation of Nascimento’s musical legacy; into re-imagined interpretations of his timeless songs, which reigns supreme as one of Brazil’s most remarkable cultural treasures.