Clarice Assad


(2023) Anthology of Emotions

Suite For Solo Violin | For Rabia Brooke

Duration: 10 minutes | 7 Movements

By Clarice Assad

Emotions are essential in how we experience life and make sense of the world around us. It is no surprise that feelings are explored extensively in many forms of art, music being one of them. This work, entitled Anthology of Emotions for solo violin, comes in seven short movements and seeks to encapsulate a wide range of sentiments, including wander, frantic activity, tension-release cycles, sadness, joy, and humor, into detailed pieces, appearing either as a suite or as individual compositions in any order according to the performer’s desire.

Each movement explores a different flavor of sentiments, starting with Wanderer, which examines a mind that constantly dashes in thoughts, daydreams, ideas, and insights.   Frantic explores relentless endurance and perseverance, challenging us to push beyond limits and encouraging an unyielding commitment to outdo our best, even in moments of overwhelming fatigue or frustration. As the title suggests, Malleable speaks about flexibility, the ability to be in the flow and lean towards equilibrium. 

The Last Word is an interaction between two people; one who inquires about something and another who must say no to that request. Within this communication exchange, many emotions arise, giving rise to a light and amusing musical dialogue. Known as Lachrimae in Latin, tears signify many emotions: hopelessness, sorrow, fear, and joy. Beyond conveying individual emotion, tears are a universal sign of our shared humanity. Tension and Release, inspired by an anxious mind under the attack of intrusive worrisome thoughts, oscillates between states of concern followed by hopeful reassurance that grief is temporary.  Joie de Vivre, closes the set.  Written in the Brazilian style of maxixe, it elicits a feeling of happiness and joy with its upbeat rhythms in a delightful and joyous celebration.

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