Clarice Assad




“Constellation” reflects the luminous connections within my family’s universe through three movements dedicated to specific family members. Each movement—Estrellita, Celestial, and Solais—celebrates the radiant qualities embodied by Antonia, my spirited first-born, Stella, a premonition of her sweet nature yet to grace the world, and my partner, who radiates the warmth and strength of the sun.

The music embodies Antonia’s vibrant energy in Estrellita, pulsating with sparkling melodies mirroring her boundless exuberance. Celestial offers a tender glimpse into my anticipation of Stella’s arrival, weaving delicate melodies that foresee her serene and sweet nature. Solais bursts forth with radiant melodies, symbolizing my partner’s nurturing energy, illuminating our family’s universe with love and vitality. With piano and violin, these movements encapsulate the unique light each family member brings, harmonizing in a celestial symphony that mirrors the dance of stars and celebrates the essence of our familial bonds.

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