Clarice Assad


(2023) Displaced Lines

For Solo Piano

Commissioned by Lina Morita | Duration: 5 Minutes

The composition “Displaced Lines” explores disruption, disorientation, fragmentation, isolation, instability, and intentional reconfiguration through music. The piece seeks to evoke a sense of unsettledness, as if the very lines that guide our perception of reality have been shifted, removed, and thrown out of alignment.  The sonic landscape of “Displaced Lines” is a metaphor for our complex and tumultuous world. The deliberate fragmentation and manipulation of musical lines mirror the fractured nature of modern existence, where global challenges such as the refugee crisis continue to escalate daily.  The intentional reconfiguration of musical elements symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Like the displaced lines that eventually find their new equilibrium, the piece ultimately journeys towards a sense of resolution, hinting at the possibility of a brighter outcome.

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