Clarice Assad


(2024) Just Breathe

Just Breathe: 

Commissioned by Catherine Gregory in collaboration with Pro Musicis as part of Just Breathe

Scored for flute, soprano, and percussion, this cyclical poem explores breath as a unifying force, connecting our inner experience to micro and macro external worlds. The text guides listeners through mindful incantations about daily worries and burnout, using vivid imagery that persists through life’s windstorms, using the breath as a metaphor and unifying force. Ultimately, the piece returns to breath’s restorative power—from turmoil to calm.


Flute | Soprano | Percussion (5-Octave Marimba + Vibraphone) 


Breathe in
Fill your lungs with air
Let it out slowly
Let it go now
When anxious thoughts begin to race
When everything is out of place
The air is sweet
The breeze is light
Inhale life
Let it flow
Let it breathe
Breath, air, wind, sky, cloud, storm, hurry
Breath, air, lung, chest, skin, flame, hurry
Breath, air, earth, leaf, sky, hurricane
Breath, air, thoughts, heat, drought, ash,
World of  change
Sometimes, breathing is a chore.
A sense of fear
A wheezing sound
A burn so slow
A burnout
Hush, mind
Feel  the quiet space
Let go of burden
There is no fate
The future is yet to be explored
Life is too short to be ignored
the air is sweet
The breeze is light
Inhale deep
Let it flow,
Let it breathe
Just breathe…
Just breathe…

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