Clarice Assad




For Piano, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello

This piece began with an invitation—calling upon the boundless creativity of female-identifying composers worldwide to embark on a riveting and innovative journey—a collective symphony of melodic fragments weaving together into a harmonious composition. Under the guidance and artistry of Clarice Assad, a vibrant collage emerged—a composition that converges the fresh and imaginative ideas of these remarkable composers. TAPESTRY is scored for a piano quintet—a collaborative creation that debuted at the prestigious Mainly Mozart festival in 2023. The ensemble, led by Anne Marie-McDermott and featuring a choir of phenomenal female instrumentalists, made audience members jump out of their seats. Our gratitude extends to the pioneering minds that have already graced this project with their brilliance: Alexandra Gardner, Aglaê Frigeri, Aline Falcão, Ania Vu, Anna Clyne, Anna Paes, Camila Costa, Caroline Rodrigues da Silva, Deborah Levy, Denise Fontoura, Elena Ruehr, Elodie Bouny, Heloisa tenor de Vasconcelos, Iara Gomes, Inga Wygant, Lara Bello, Luciana Souza, Mikeila McQueston, Nicoletta Todesco, Paloma Pitaya, Pamela Marafron, Patrice Michaels, Paula Cardoso, Sofia Cecato, Sophie Dunér, Stephanie Brogan, Tami Belfer, Tarita de Souza, Thais Nascimento, and an array of others eagerly contributing their unique musical fragments.






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