Clarice Assad


(2024) Water Nymphs

Commissioned by Grant Park Music Festival 
Water Nymphs, also known as Naiads, draws inspiration from the enchanting mythical beings that have captivated humanity for centuries. The piece is a musical journey exploring these feminine spirits’ beauty, mystery, and power. The music ebbs and flows, at times gentle and shimmering, at others powerful and explosive, mirroring the Water Nymphs’ erratic nature. Ethereal moments are juxtaposed with passages of intense energy, reflecting the duality of these beings as both alluring and sometimes dangerous. Water Nymphs pays homage to the enduring significance of these mythical creatures and serves as a reminder of the importance of cherishing our precious freshwater resources.


2222 4221 timp | Perc.| Strings 

* marimba
suspended cymbal
large ocean drum
sleigh bells
lion’s roar
water gong (PIC) depth of water adequate to lower pitch by one semitone

Super bouncy ball beater:
Super bouncy ball cut in half attached to a flexible handle (such as a piece of wire hanger) 

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