Clarice Assad



For String Quartet

Duration: 7 minutes


In my music, I often construct visual elements or storylines, and I plant a seed in the minds of those who listen to it.  For example, if I write about the Amazon Forest,  I evoke sounds of nature, bird calls, and other elements. But in this piece, I turn off my storytelling self to let each listener create their tale and visuals in their imagination, allowing for open interpretation and personal resonance with the music.

With this in mind, picture this work as a fictional film score cue. As you listen, see a narrative unfolding and develop a title for the scene you envision. What moods emerge in the music?  In what period or genre do you place this fictional movie excerpt? Is it a silent film, film noir, sci-fi, comedy? Or even a cartoon?

As you listen to this work, you create a title for this fictional film. Let the music spark visuals, characters, and storylines to inspire your cinematic title. There is no correct answer.  You can invent a unique movie name based on the moods, genres, and visuals you perceive in the music. Your title will join a collective database of imagined movie names for this composition. This collection of unique listener perspectives and interpretations will form the CINEMATHEQUE.

Gandelsman introduced three works from the group’s latest Brooklyn Rider Almanac and encouraged the audience to imagine a film synced to Clarice Assad’s Cinematheque, which turned out to be packed with unbridled energy, and worthy of Martin Scorsese or David Lynch.

The Strad


As Rosas do Cairo | DRAMA

About Gotham City | ACTION/ADVENTURE

Tom & Jerry Remix | CARTOON

And a Poem by the one and only Steve Schroeder

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