Clarice Assad


(2020) De Norte a Sul

Duration: 5 minutes | Commissioned by the Sicarú Guitar Octet

Program Notes

De Norte a Sul (2020)  The work builds upon musical cells that begin with simple, individual lines to produce layers that evolve into other intricate beats. Rhythm, a recurrent theme in most Latin and Central American music, is at the forefront of this composition. Special attention goes to such concepts rather than melodic content and contour.  

Syncopation, brought by the richness of beats that came from the African continent during colonial America, is at the heart of De Norte a Sul: Lightly touching on the vivacious sonic world of Las Guyanas, such as the musical cells of the Surinamese kaseko and calypso, a rhythm native of Trinidad and Tobago, which gradually spread to the south- the thought which gives this work its title. 

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