Clarice Assad


(2015) Sephardic Suite

Commissioned by CEDILLE RECORDS for the CAVATINA DUO

New Classical Tracks: Cavatina Duo, ‘Sephardic Journey’

“The Avalon String Quartet is featured on two of the five works on this recording, including the Sephardic Suite, by Clarice Assad. “When I saw the score the first time, the third movement, I was like, ‘What?’” Eugenia admits. “How am I going to do that? Are you kidding? Me playing percussion with my own body? No. When I looked at the score of the entire sextet and I saw that the violinist had to sing as well, not only play but do effects with their voice and everybody had to do the percussion so … this is exactly what I love about Clarice. She is all about surprises and she surprised all of us.” Her description of that movement is really delightful. As she was writing the piece, Clarice envisioned a bickering old couple. “Yeah,” Eugenia laughs, “and she puts in this big cadenza, this solo and I felt like that’s me exactly. I felt right at home.”

Clarice Assad’s Sephardic Suite sometimes embraces almost- avant garde techniques in an amazingly inventive work, which has brilliant writing for the flute and guitar. The ending, utilizing percussion from the players is wonderful. — Soundboard

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