Clarice Assad


(2021) Silvery Suite

For Classical Guitar & Violin

Duration: 10 minutes Commissioned by Duo Sonidos

Program Notes


Silvery Suite For Classical Guitar & Violin is an homage to guitarist Adam Levin’s first son, Avi, born in the first half of 2021. It explores contrasting moods in a gentle, rhythmically precise, melodic, and sometimes humorous way. 

The first movement, SEMANTICS is conceived as a conversation between an adult and an infant. In contrast, the second movement, entitled AVI’s DREAM, puts the listener in a quiet, peaceful space.

Closing the set, ROSSINI IN RECIFE is written in a musical style and dance called frevo, originating from Recife, Brazil. The word frevo may come from a variant of the Portuguese word “ferver” which means to boil. The energy of this rhythm is said to make its dancers feel as if their feet are burning on the ground. The dance showcases an incredible virtuosic display of acrobatic jumps.

The title “ROSSINI IN RECIFE” came to me while hearing William Tell Overture’s Galop. For a moment, the famous motif reminded me of the enthusiastic energy of this exciting Brazilian dance.

Virtual Artists Collective


Silvery Suite, performed live by Duo SONIDOS – World Premiere, 2022

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