Clarice Assad


(2010) Suite Back to Our Roots

Written by Sergio & Clarice Assad.

Original Lyrics by Christianne Karam (Arabic) Portuguese translation by Daniel Basilio. | c.a 15 mins.


Program Notes

This suite pays homage to our immigrant ancestors who left their home to find a better life in another country. The first movement, LEVING explores a feeling of courage, followed by a melancholy longing for the original place, which appears in Movement II. SAUDADE (nostalgia). The third movement, HOPE leads into the last and 4th movement, HAPPINESS, both are about acceptance and keeping a positive attitude about life.

Back To Our Roots has been arranged for chamber ensemble, small chamber ensemble and various sizes and combinations as a trio, quartet or quintet, with parts distributed among the family.

Yo-Yo Ma & Friends (LIVE EP)

Two movements of the suite were recorded in 2015 by Yo-Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott and the Assad brothers at the Chicago Symphony Center and released on SONY Masterworks. Scored for two guitars, cello and piano. Arranged by Clarice Assad.


Original Instrumentation 

Sergio Assad Sazouki
Odair Assad, guitar
Badi Assad, percussion & vocals
Clarice Assad, piano & vocals
Carolina Assad, vocals

Other Arrangements:

From smaller To largest: Arrangements by Clarice Assad

1. Mezzo soprano | Piano | Guitar | Double Bass | Percussion + String Quartet (Clarice Assad)
2. Flute | Bb Clarinet | Percussion | Sazouki | Guitar + String Orchestra (or string quintet) (Performed by the Assad brothers)
3. Piano | Two Guitars | Percussion | Solo Violoncello (Recorded on SONY MASTERWORKS)



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