Clarice Assad


(2020) Três Pequenas Variações

For Youth String Orchestra

Commissioned by the Sistema Nacional de Orquestras Sociais do Brasil (FUNARTE)

** Três Pequenas Variações start at 10:40


Obras Inéditas de compositores brasileiros são destaque no Concerto Sinos.

(Três Pequenas Variações)
Variation I: Cigana 
Variation II: Canção 
Variation III: Dança

Program Notes

Folk music is an integral part of the heritage of many cultures around the world. For centuries, itc has been passed down from generation to generation, serving as a way to connect people with their history and culture. In recent years, however, folk music has declined as new technologies and trends have led people to seek new forms of entertainment. As a result, the danger of some of this material not reaching the new generations.

Três Pequenas Variações (Three Little Variations) is a piece for strings based on a folk tune from Brazil called “A Maré Encheu.” As the title suggests, each movement is a variation of this simple melody in different guises: Variation I: Cigana (Gipsy Variation) is in an odd meter and reminiscent of the folk music that Bartók explored in his compositions. Variation II: Canção (Song) is a ballad version of the theme, and the last variation is the closest to the source, “Dança” (Dance), which explores the original rhythm and shape of the thematic material in its raw, syncopated form.

As an artist, I feel responsible for disseminating this music and perpetuating its tradition. I hope to facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the culture.

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