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World Premiere of TAPESTRY

I can’t believe it’s here! Well, in San Diego, to be more precise – this coming weekend !

This is a project that has been going on for a while!  I invited female-identifying composers of all ages and musical backgrounds to embark on a fun and exciting project: To submit ideas, fragments, and pretty much anything that came to their minds, and the result is TAPESTRY, a collage of fragments woven into a composition, each containing fresh musical ideas from the minds of fellow composers from around the world.

This work was  arranged/composed for a piano quintet by myself and scheduled to be premiered at the Mainly Mozart festival in the upcoming days by Anne Marie-McDermott and other phenomenal female instrumentalists.
Below is a list of composers and songwriters who have contributed to this wonderful project so far: Alexandra Gardner,  Aglaê Frigeri, Aline Falcão, Ania Vu, Anna Clyne, Anna Paes, Camila Costa, Caroline Rodrigues da Silva, Deborah Levy, Denise Fontoura, Elena Ruehr, Elodie Bouny, Heloisa tenor de Vasconcelos, Iara Gomes, Inga Wygant, Lara Bello, Luciana Souza, Mikeila McQueston, Nicoletta Todesco, Paloma Pitaya, Pamela Marafron, Patrice Michaels, Paula Cardoso, Sofia Cecato, Sophie Diner, Stephanie Brogan, Tami Belfer, Tarita de Souza, Thais Nascimento among others!

World Premiere of TAPESTRY

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