Clarice Assad


Cantos da Terra


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As a composer, I am drawn to the sounds of the music of my native country, Brazil, and I have a particular interest in folk themes. Stories, songs, and ideas are deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of a specific nation. Borboleta, the melodic theme this composition borrows, is an example of that. It is relatively well known, for it has been passed down many generations via oral tradition and continues to be disseminated today through technological means like TV and the internet. I chose this song because of its straightforward melodic and rhythmic content, which allows the composer freedom. Being a singer myself, I was thrilled with the sonic possibilities this could provide and began a quest of experimentation with sounds and effects that go beyond regular singing. It is also lovely to introduce young singers to Portuguese, a rich language with many vowels and consonances, percussiveness, and unique colors.