Clarice Assad


(2019) Pendulum

Pendulum is an elegy and homage to the memory of the composer’s friend ­­­Luhli.

I. Luminous II. Caregiver III. Hermetic

Pendulum in three contrasting movements—HermeticCaregiver, and LuminousPendulum melds the soul, swing, and exuberance of Brazilian jazz with the clarity and form of a classical sonata. Hermetic features three elements: mournful, muted trumpet lines arching over a Tresillo (3/3/2) ostinato, buoyant Latin jazz figures in call and response with percussive vocalizations, and a mixed meter (7/8, 5/8) melody upon which the musicians improvise. Caregiver features melancholic melodies over soothing harmonies. A respite from the energy and drive of the outer movements, Caregiver expresses the intimacy and comfort of close friendships. Luminous explodes with the life-affirming power of Brazilian jazz. The percussive piano introduction launches the listener into the joyous syncopated rhythms and arching melodic lines associated with the genre. Luminous alternates duple and triplet sections in rondo form to drive the musical dialogue to a breathless and ecstatic conclusion, a celebration of life and music.  

The original version of Pendulum was commissioned by the International Trumpet Guild For Trumpet, Voice, Jaw’s harp, and Piano. It was premiered by Clarice Assad & Jose Sibaja in Miami, Florida, in 2019. Luminous and Hermetic have been arranged for piano and Clarinet and adapted for piano, accordion, and guitar. Please contact the publisher if interested in obtaining these versions. Clarice Assad has recorded the 2nd movement, Sergio Assad, and Third Coast Percussion on the album “ARCHETYPES,” nominated for the 2022 Grammy in three categories. The second movement is free on ITG’s website (Please follow this link) to download it.) It contains the full score and separate parts.

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