Clarice Assad


(2020) Sem Tirar Nem Pôr

For Ensemble & Voice

Duration: 6:04 | Commissioned by Albany Symphony for the Dogs of Desire


“Without Taking Away,” I made a samba just because I wanted /Short like a cherub’s pipi /Just for myself I didn’t even want to show it at the bar. /But my samba didn’t conform. Barely woke up, left me, abandoned me, And said: “It’s just that I was born to be a show.”

And since then, it doesn’t stop at home, And it lives behind the fame in which he lay. /I wanted a samba without even taking /The face and face of my loveliest love /Come back samba of mine /My love is not such a carnival.

I made a samba just for fun! It wasn’t supposed to be huge. /It was just another Samba, very banal /Of those who expect nothing.


Program Notes

“Sem Tirar Nem Pôr” is the journey of a song – in this case, a samba, which began as an idea with fundamental ingredients (melody, rhythm, and harmony). But, though it started small, it ended up being massively big. Upon realizing it had a life of its own (the song), it left the composer’s mind and became something much bigger, not content with being a tiny, little thing any longer.


About the Ensemble:


Dedicated to exploring and celebrating the intersection between popular culture and traditional orchestral music, to bending and blending genres, the Albany Symphony’s contemporary new music ensemble, Dogs of Desire, has commissioned more than 150 new works from America’s most exciting composers.GRAMMY Award-winning conductor David Alan Miller founded Dogs of Desire in 1994 with members of the Albany Symphony. Since then, Dogs of Desire has gained a national reputation as an incubator for our most inventive musical creators, extending to collaborations with Broadway stars, filmmakers, choreographers, Ghanaian percussionists, and even a robot builder.


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