Clarice Assad

MULTIVERSE -Another Rite of Spring: For Wind Ensemble

I am thrilled about the premiere of my first piece for the wind ensemble, commissioned by the University of Maryland!

This programmatic work takes the listener on a journey where they are set to uncover a story of parallel realities and explore the fate of the young sacrificial young maiden who dances herself to death, in the original Rite of Spring (1913),by Igor Stravinsky.  In MULTIVERSE: Another Rite of Spring, the story is re-imagined and asks intriguing questions. Who is this girl? What alternative universe will she inhabit? Will her journey lead towards an untimely death – or can it be changed?! Unearth priceless answers in February 2023; until then, join us on our unfolding adventure as we unravel all that lies ahead…

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MULTIVERSE -Another Rite of Spring: For Wind Ensemble

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