Clarice Assad



People learn quite a lot about their voices, their bodies, and how to listen to each other to create musical numbers and theatrical improvisations that are worked out during the class in smaller groups and then presented to the entire class. Participants become more connected and may have deeply transformational experiences because the course is rooted in being in the present moment. A significant amount of concentration is required for the class to flow, but because the engagement level is so high, people often forget they are in an intensive attention mode. In today’s world, which is filled by distraction, VOXploration comes to the fore as an empowerment tool for self-discovery, connection, and unmatched levels of creativity.

VOXPLORATION has received awards from Brazilian foundations such as CAIXA CULTURAL and SESC, as well as American grants from New Music USA and the McKnight Foundation. It has traveled to Brazil, Qatar, Europe and has been taught extensively in the United States, creating ripples of positive and lasting effects in many young and adult people’s lives.