Clarice Assad

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ELEMENTOS (2016) in 4 Movements
Commissioned by SOLI ENSEMBLE | c. 20 mins
For mezzo soprano, violin, Bb clarinet & piano

The piece draws from many influences.  The first movement Flor De Lã   is set to a gorgeous poem by Basilio, exploring the earth element. Fogaréu, inspired by the fire element is a fiery and rhythmic movement while the ballad Maré de Água Viva  aims to  portray the comings and goings of a tide of living water.  The element Air closes the song cycle with a lively dance in 6/8, called Esconderijo. Movements: I. Flor de Lã, II. Fogaréu, III. Maré de Água Viva, IV. Esconderijo

Maré de Água Viva (A tide of living water) for solo piano and solo guitar