Clarice Assad


Clarice Assad, Obrigado

(2011) Obrigado

For Mandolin & String Quartet | c.20 minsCommissioned by the Concordia Chamber Players Ensemble Instrumentation Mandolin + String Quartet Program Notes “Obrigado” in Portuguese means “thank you.” The idea for …

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(2019) Lemuria

For Cello Choir & Solo Percussion Duration: c.a 20 minutes | Commissioned by the Left Coast Ensemble A couple of years ago, after a difficult time, I started meditating.  As …

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(2020) Aquamarine

For Piano, Violin & Horn Duration: 12 Minutes | Commissioned by The Ocean Reef Festival Movements: I. The ChaseII. DiatomsIII. Coral Reef Program Notes by the composer Aquamarine is the …

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