Clarice Assad


Clarice Assad, Hocus Pocus

(2016) Hocus Pocus

Duration: 10 minutes Commissioned by the Duo Noire & The Diller-Quaile School of Music I. Abracadabra ! II. Shamans III. Klutzy Witches “The album opens with a tantalizing three-movement tour-de-force …

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(2019) Pendulum

Pendulum is an elegy and homage to the memory of the composer’s friend ­­­Luhli. I. Luminous II. Caregiver III. Hermetic Pendulum in three contrasting movements—Hermetic, Caregiver, and Luminous—Pendulum melds the soul, swing, and exuberance …

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(2020) Tríptico  

Duration: 12 minutes | Commissioned by Amalia Tortajada & Andrea González Caballero Program Notes Tríptico (Triptych) is a three-movement suite commissioned by flutist Amalia Tortajada and guitarist Andrea González Caballero, …

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(2021) Symmetries

For Violin & Piano   Nature expresses itself through a balance of order and chaos.  Symmetries are the clearest signs that Nature has an underlying order.  Symmetries in Nature generate …

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